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Our Venues

We provide consumer engagement by strategically placed signage and guerilla tactics in retail locations. We reach consumers where they shop, work and get services. Our national network consists of different types of independent retail venues, such as:

The U.S. convenience store industry has 144,000-plus stores that account for more than $624 billion in sales. These shoppers recognize this for its convenient locations, extended hours, one-stop shopping, grab-and-go food service and fast transactions. They have an average of 950 people daily. (National Assoc. of Convenience Stores)
There are more than 13,000, Check Cashing Store in the United States and these locations conduct more than $350 million transactions per year. These stores have an average of 2500-3000 customers per month. (Financial Service Centers of America)
Most moderately sized clinics are staffed to see 300 to 500 patients each week. The larger clinics can handle 500 to 750 patients weekly. A large clinic open 7-days with extended hours can easily have over 1,500 patients per week. (Medical Clinics Assoc. of America)
Business hours of a laundry are typically 6am-10pm, with each person spending 2-2.5 hours there. The self-service laundry market consists of a customer base of 86 million people living in rental housing. (Coin/Laundry Assoc.)
In a typical week, a median of 150 clients visit the average Barber shop, with each person spending 1-2 hours there. (National Assoc. Barber Board of America)
In a typical week, a median of 300 clients visits the average responding salon, with each person spending an average 2-3 hours there. (Professional Beauty Assoc.)
For the past two decades the Independent Supermarkets have successfully become the leading food and beverage suppliers of the Hispanic consumers. This community has become largest segment of population according to a recent study the pew of the Hispanic Center of Washington DC, the Hispanic population has dramatically grown from 2000-2007. (National Supermarket Assoc.)

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